Denver's Best Chicken Wings

Denver’s Ten Best Chicken Wings!

If you have any history with the decades-old Spanky’s Roadhouse near the University of Denver, you may think of it as a simple college dive bar. That’s no longer the case: The space and menu have both undergone a complete overhaul in the past few years, and one of the house specialties is wings. With nine sauces and/or rubs to choose from, you could be there all day sampling flavors. However, follow our lead and stick with the sweet and spicy sesame sauce. It’s a perfect marriage of classic American-Chinese food and pub culture. The chicken itself is plump and juicy, making for a fulfilling wing.

If you want to balance the richness of the sesame chicken wings, consider also ordering a plate of dry-rubbed wings coated in a spice mixture that chef Justin Adrian created with the local company Spice Guys just for Spanky’s.

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